Jon and I got new dishes a couple of years ago. We’d had our old stuff for 15 years and it was showing its age. Many of the plates and bowls had faded or chipped. Same with the serving pieces. I went through a period where I couldn’t have enough serving platters so I’m a little embarrassed to share how many I have. The dishes that are in good shape I kept. They are in my attic. I kept the platters also, the ones in good shape and the ones that are chipped. I don’t use any of them, but I could and I might some day.

Last Christmas my mom gave us new wine glasses. I wanted something that looked a little vintage, these do and I really love them. I still have the ones those replaced. I love those also. They are on the top shelf in my kitchen, I can get to them if I want or need to. I haven’t. I have a set of wine glasses that were my parents, they are tucked away and I’d forgotten about them until writing this.

I have two micro planes for zesting. I use one all the time and never take the other one out of the drawer. I also have two zesters that makes a twist to garnish a drink. I never use that either. I have five pastry brushes, I use maybe two of them.

I have eight casseroles. Eight! I do use those though. I have two muffin tins, haven’t made cupcakes or muffins in years. I have eleven cutting boards! Various shapes and sizes, I use about four. Probably wouldn’t miss the other seven.

We have crystal and china that belonged to my grandparents that would set a beautiful table if only I would pull them out of the cabinet.
Before I started this piece, I’d tell you that my kitchen along with the rest of my house is nicely edited. I fear I’d be fibbing.

Now, I don’t believe I’m the only one sitting in this circumstance. We all have A LOT of stuff. Stuff we love and use, stuff we don’t. There is no magic timeline on how long we should keep our stuff. That being said, it is never too early to start sorting, gifting and donating or at least thinking about it.

And I will. Soon. For some things.

Some things I’ll keep a little longer.

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