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Creating The Best Senior Transitions Solutions For Older Adults and Families.

As life moves forward, the dynamics between you and your home environment often change. An experienced and caring guide in your corner will make these changes in your current or new home easier to handle. Essential Next Steps is here to support and coordinate your transition needs of today and tomorrow.

Essential Next Steps is much more than a locally-owned family business specializing in senior move management, senior relocation, downsizing, aging-in-place services and home modification. We are a team of certified professionals committed to achieving the greatest results for older adults – as you age-in-place or relocate to the best senior living option available.

Whatever your unique circumstances may be in the surrounding Austin area, we will ease your stress and concern – creating the best senior transitions solutions for you, your family and your home.

It is our privilege to guide you and your loved ones through the Essential Next Steps of your life's transitions.

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No matter your age or stage in life, each of us can use a guiding hand at some point during life's important transitions. A complimentary initial consultation is your first next step.

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Home Decisions

We understand the pride and emotion in every decision. We have had the honor of assisting our parents and the parents of others through the various stages of aging in their homes and transitioning to a new home environment.

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Next Steps Management

This is what we do. We handle the details so you can stay focused on you and your family. Relax. We are here for you every step of the way.

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Next Steps Network

Your team of professionals specializing in numerous fields and disciplines essential to your transition. Your needs, decisions and peace of mind. Our guidance and resources. An impressive combination.

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Why Use A Local Locator To Find A Senior Community?

Usually some type of event happens that brings a family and a senior community together.  A broken hip, heart attack, dementia diagnosis.  Life is moving really fast, you need to get your loved one taken care of.  Home is no…

89 - A Love Letter to My Mom

My mom is 89 this month.  In the last two years, her scoliosis has become more pronounced, her heart functions thanks to modern medicine and her balance is helped by assistive devices.  Everything is heavy, she is always cold and…

The Emotional Hurdle

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I always think I’ll say the perfect thing so that someone hears what he/she needs. The magic of my words will break through the grid lock, lift the fog, provide that moment of clarity. Then, the right decision can be made. Rather arrogant…

Kind Words

Essential Next Steps recently helped move my 80-something mother from her independent living apartment to an assisted living facility.  Leah and Jon Harlig coordinated everything!  From downsizing and dispersal of 'stuff' to supervision of the movers.  They offered patience and kindness and just the right amount of 'push' to keep mom focused.  Essential Next Steps provided confidence and comfort to my family during this stressful time.  And thanks to Leah and Jon, my mother is now in a beautiful and functional living space, surrounded by treasured belongings.  She loves it!

Diane C.

I wanted to thank you for doing such an incredible job moving our new residents into Silverado with such short notice and over a holiday weekend. They stated you were a lifesaver and that they could not have made it through the day without you. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your professionalism, care and partnership in working with our client. I will call you every time I have a family needing your service! I'm so thankful you took the time to come tour our community and tell me about your service. I'm even more grateful that I had you to call when I needed it.

Dura B. SimsFamily Ambassador, Silverado Onion Creek / Memory Care Community

Jon and Leah Harlig of Essential Next Steps managed my recent move for me, They helped to organize for the move, downsize some aspects of my belongings, carried donations to chosen charities, arranged for acquiring movers and all the scheduling, To do this, they worked with both the managements involved – both the place I moved from and the one I moved into.

They worked patiently and efficiently with me, making sure I was not exhausted after a session. At the new apartment, they helped unpack and place my possessions always taking care of those possessions that I kept. They worked with management placing work orders for me to get all in good order for me. I knew I could count on them for all the details, I do believe they will do an excellent job for anyone who uses their services.

Cherry M.

Listening. Understanding. Reassuring.

Check your worries at the door. We will make your transition as stress-free as possible. Bonded, insured and bound by multiple Codes of Ethics, Essential Next Steps can be trusted to handle the requirements of your life’s transitions.

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