It’s time to have the talk – no, not that one, and you are a little embarrassed, a little unsure.  You’re not certain of the reaction you’ll get; there may be some resistance, some surprise, maybe a delaying technique.   But your love and concern override and you push forward.

Mom, Dad, have you thought about how and where you want to live when you are older?  Do you want to stay in this house?  Would you prefer a smaller home?  What if you need help?   Would you want someone to come into your home?  Would you consider some type of Senior Community?  Would you want to live near us?  With us?

Starting the conversation early, it’s forward thinking and planning ahead.  Your parents are integral to the preparation as they should be.  They have their say in what they want to be so for them.  Everyone gets a clear picture of cost and logistics.  Starting a little later can be a whole different ball game.  It can be reactive rather than proactive.  Your parents may not get to have their say.  You may have to make decisions you wish they had made.  And you may not be ready for the costs and logistics.

Cost is a factor, a big one.  Home modifications can run into the tens of thousands of dollars or more.  Home care is usually $18-$22 per hour.  Senior Communities can be several thousands of dollars per month.  Moving in with adult children has its own rewards and challenges.

Every solution is valid.  We do the best we can.  We generally do better when we plan.  Start the conversation, start looking ahead, start planning.  And while you’re talking with your parents about what they want for their future, let me ask you:  What do you want for yours?

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