When I think of my father and the holidays, I always think of him in the kitchen.  Cooking was one of his passions and holiday cooking beat all.  He spared no resource to prepare this special meal; no pot, no pan, no bowl was left untouched.  No spoon or baking dish, no counter space was […]

My father loved clocks.  Growing up we had a cuckoo clock in our kitchen and a grandfather clock in the living room, right off the base of the stairs.  There were clocks in every room of course; the cuckoo clock and grandfather clock were his two favorites.  He loved the grandfather clock most of all.  […]

living will austin

It’s important that you know what is important to you.  It is important that you communicate that clearly to your family, close friends and close associates.  It is important that if you can’t speak for yourself, you designate someone to speak for you.  It is important that the person you designate understands and honors your […]