You’re thinking about moving, your kids have been talking to you about it.  You don’t want to move, but maybe you should.  You’re looking for that clear sign. Please don’t let it be a broken hip. Here are some things to think about.   What is important if you stay put? Does the location of […]

Happy New Year – Part 4! Wait! What? Where did the time go! In January, I started writing a blog each week about organizing and decluttering the house.  We started with the master closet, getting rid of what we don’t, won’t or can’t wear.  Next, we attacked the pantry, getting rid of food that had […]

Happy New Year – Part 3! Last week, you did an amazing job organizing your pantry. Now it’s time to dive into your desk. There is nothing better than a clear desk! This is the third installment of a four-part mini series. My desk is a long table that originally was going to serve as […]