Senior Transition Planning

It Always Starts with a Great Plan

Downsizing? Rightsizing? Remodeling your home for easier accessibility and safety? Moving to a new home?

Planning is essential.

During our complimentary initial consultation, we will discuss your priorities and wishes. After our first meeting, we will create and present a plan specifically matched to your needs and circumstances – nothing more and nothing less. We will assist and support you on a small or grand scale. It’s your choice.

Along with your specific plan, we will provide a clear estimate of costs for the services provided. As every client’s situation is unique and fluid, the scope of work may shrink or grow once we get started. You can rely on us to review and discuss changes as they develop.

For a complimentary consultation call us at (512) 215-0383 or fill out our contact form.

Leah’s Ideas on Senior Transition Planning

The Emotional Hurdle

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I always think I’ll say the perfect thing so that someone hears what he/she needs. The magic of my words will break through the grid lock, lift the fog, provide that moment of clarity. Then, the right decision can be made. Rather arrogant…

To Move or Not To Move - Points To Ponder

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You’re thinking about moving, your kids have been talking to you about it.  You don’t want to move, but maybe you should.  You’re looking for that clear sign. Please don’t let it be a broken hip. Here are some things to think about.   What…

The Big Question - A Senior Community?

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For purposes of this piece, we’re looking at those in their 70’s and 80’s who are entertaining the Big Question about moving to a Senior Community.  And aren’t quite ready. How do you know when it’s time to move? You look good,…
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