Part of what makes my husband, Jon, so suited for our work is his uncanny ability to see what is so and size up what is needed.  He misses neither the forest nor the trees.  He hears what is being said plainly and not so plainly.  His instincts and observations are spot on.  His recommendations are thoughtful and thorough, measured and considered.

Life sometimes pulls the rug out from under us.  It can be a clean, swift jerk or a slowly encroaching wrench.  Either way, we are hit with an unthinkable event that shakes us to our core.  We need hope.  We need reassurance.  We need that calm, collected voice to assess the situation, formulate a plan and put it into action.  Jon is the embodiment of those qualities.

Time and again, Jon has seen solutions others have missed.  Some of his solutions resolved issues that were big and some issues not so big.  All resolved issues that needed tending to.

My dad had little dexterity in his fingers, an ever growing midsection and balance issues.  Fastening his pants, buckling his belt and tying shoes presented a real challenge for him. My mother and I would get him new (read larger) clothes, but he couldn’t work them.

With a few clicks of the keyboard, Jon found pants for Daddy with an elastic waist and non-skid shoes that Velcroed closed.  Jon saw what my dad needed and found it for him.  My dad was tickled to have clothes he could work.  He was absolutely buoyed.

Jon never lost sight of my dad.  He knew Daddy was not his circumstances.

When assessing a situation, Jon sees clearly, without bias or agenda.  Some solutions require heroic efforts like remodeling a home or moving to a new one or moving closer to family.  Some solutions are more simple like elastic and Velcro.  All are life changing.  Either way, Jon sees what is needed because he sees you.  He sees the whole, complete, grand human being you are.  And he serves who he sees.

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